You Can Increase Your Search Engine Ranking By Adding Video

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Search engine positioning is based on various aspects and adding video to your web page is one of the things that can help you with your ranking. This could be one of the best and easiest ways to boost your rankings almost instantly. Everybody knows that Google loves content and they will see video as content for your website. In this post we are going to be talking about some of the benefits of adding video and why every person who has a website should do this.

Among the first things you are going to have to get is a video for your web page. You basically have a couple of choices when it comes to the video, you can either get one from YouTube or perhaps you can produce your own video. Needless to say your best bet is to create your own video as you can make a unique video that individuals will remember. Within the video you will just want to offer individuals a few recommendations about the niche or even provide them with information that will be valuable to them.

In terms of helping with your search engine ranking you will find that just by adding a video Google will count that as content material on your website. Additionally if you choose to upload the video to YouTube and then embed the particular video on your website, you will be building a link on your site pointing to YouTube. Some of you may already recognize this but Google also ranks your site by who you end up linking to. Google will look at this link directed to YouTube and end up giving you a better positioning.

Now one more thing you will soon learn is that when individuals check out your video and they like it, they may very well place a link on their web page pointing to the video on your site. This is actually what is known as a backlink, and the more backlinks you receive to your website the better ranking you will end up getting.

And one final way that including video to your site can help is because Google also ranks your web page by how long individuals stay on your site. So if you have a man or woman that comes to your site and ends up leaving quickly, Google recognizes this and it will negatively effect your rankings. Having said that, if individuals come to your site and spend time there watching your video clip, Google will also recognize that and reward your site with better rankings. Not to mention, the longer you have men and women on your website, the better the chance that they will buy something or even click on one of your Adsense ads.

These are just some of the major reasons why each and every person should have video on their sites. And if you generate your own video additionally, you will be able to brand yourself and this is important. You can use a video camera or even a screen capture software program for creating these videos, just remember to be entertaining.

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