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If you are involved in blogging and utilizing self hosted wordpress blogs, you will realize that creating content is just the first step in trying to get your posts read. If you want to make money for your work, then you really need to get visitors to your site. Spending a good part of your day producing links for your sites is one thing you can do to reach your goals in this respect. The hours taken to do this will certainly decrease your progress, so you almost certainly would like a way to do this quickly. To address this, the WP Syndicator plugin has already been created.

For a blog to work effectively, you really need any post you write to be found quickly and to have the right type of links to get ranking high in the search engines. A trap that is very easy to fall into when blogging is for all of the links to go back to your domain and not every post you make. The way in which you want your indexing to perform is for every blog post to have links coming in from top sites on the internet. This can happen instantly with the WP Syndicator plugin and once set up you can do this very fast.

If you decide to buy WP Syndicator, you will get the plugin as a zipped file as well as instructions to install it and get it activated. The number of websites for syndication can go up or down whenever the plugin is updated and currently there are thirteen. Having said that, there are some you can expect to always be there for the long term which includes Twitter and Blogger. The plugin can be set up straight from your wordpress dashboard after which it is just a matter of configuring your accounts. This is a one time procedure as once you have carried this out you are all set up to go. You will find one or two of the accounts that require some sort of configuration yet this is all explained in the instructions you get with this.

The syndication to the numerous sites can then start for each and every post given that all the accounts are ready to go. Should you auto blog there are ways to get this done as well as choices you can make as to precisely how the syndication works when you start to use it. The amount of words that are actually widely distributed to each of the web 2.0 sites can be determined by you and the plugin allows you to be quite flexible with this. The use of anchor text as well as the various choices you have are plainly laid out in the instruction manuals that you will have received.

WP Syndicator is a plugin which is easy to set up and when installed it seems to operate very smoothly. So if you would like to save time in addition to getting traffic and links to your internet sites, then this is a great tool to use.

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