When Creating Your Own Product A Joint Venture Could Be A Good Option

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You may be one of the people who have created a product but can not work out how to get traffic to see this product or service. And I am sure you know that you need traffic if you plan on generating any sales. SEO can help but it can take a very long time to see any results from that type of marketing. You may have even tried promoting in traffic exchanges and found that they are really useless. Of course there is always Google’s Adwords, but that could end up costing you more money than you bring in. So what alternative are you left with? Joint Ventures.

A joint venture is actually a great way to begin getting the traffic you will need if you want to survive online. When it comes to a joint venture you basically offer some people the opportunity to market your product for a commission on all product sales they generate. Normally joint venture partners will get about a 50% commission or higher if this is a digital downloadable product. This includes certain forms of softwares or computer programs and also other products like e books.

This is a lot different than signing up for a program like clickbank and listing your product in their market place. When you use a joint venture you can expect to normally only be dealing with a few people promoting your product. And you will be taking care of dispensing the product to the customer and paying your joint venture members.

Now something you should know is that many individuals looking for joint venture partnerships may already have a huge list of people that they can advertise to. The best part about this is that it is possible to see an increase in sales almost instantly. Of course you need to find these joint venture partners to start with before they will be of any help to you. This can be a little more challenging than you think but if you stick to it you should be able to find places to advertise your joint venture.

When you do find men and women that would like to work with you, you will want to ask them a few questions before you join up with them. You may find that the reason a number of these people want to join you is to get a free copy of your product. It is good to ask these men and women how they plan to promote the product, if they have a list and how big the list is and another good question is if they have ever won any kind of affiliate contests. It may sound goofy but if people have come anywhere in the top 5 of an affiliate contest they are defiantly someone you might want to think about bringing on board.

One thing you will also need to have before you begin this type of offer is a way to make sure all your partners are getting the credit for any sales they generate. Something you may want to explore is an affiliate script. This can be something that you keep in a members area on your site and the only individuals that will have access to it are your joint venture partners.