Reviewing The WordPress SEO Beast Plugin

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Many people have been creating blogs in recent times as a way to earn additional money from affiliate programs or Google Adsense. And if you want your blog to hit your objectives you will need to understand how to get the attention of the various search engines. Keep in mind if you don’t know how to optimize your blog pages you won’t be obtaining the search engine traffic. That’s the good thing about the “WordPress SEO Beast“, it is a plug in that takes you step by step to ensure your blog page is totally optimized for your keyword.

One of the key things this particular plug in does is it will check your Header tags and let you know what must be changed. So when you fix what they tell you to you will be moving toward obtaining better page rank. Which obviously is the goal for any form of Internet marketer.

This plug in will even go through and automatically change the format of the font for you which means you don’t have to worry about changing it. This really is vital for the search engines to know what your site is about, and when they find these keywords they will stand out from the rest of the page. And since this is done for you, you won’t be losing your time doing all this manually. The time that may be saved with this option can definitely add up.

I am certain you have also heard about how crucial keyword density is for your site. The keyword density is actually automatically figured out inside this plug in, which means you won’t have to worry about it. After this plug in lets you know what your keyword density is, at that time you can just go back and include or remove keywords to make the keyword density excellent.

Correct keyword placement is another thing this plug in shows you exactly how to perfect. If you’re able to place your keywords where they should be you will notice that the search engines provides you with even better ranking. This particular plug in will tell you if you omitted a keyword in a location where you should have one.

Furthermore you will learn to correctly place links inside your post. These are extremely effective techniques that many individuals have ended up paying SEO professionals to learn. This method is included with this plug in saving you lots of money that you would need to pay an expert to learn.

When you think your done creating your article and you believe it is ready to be posted the plug in will actually check out the article and grade you on it, on a scale of 1 to 10. Now let’s imagine you only score a 7, the plug in can show you what changes can be made in your post to be able to increase your score to a 10.

The effectiveness of this plug in is even much better than some of the other SEO plug ins which are more expensive. This is a plug in that’s very useful and also very economical for most individuals, selling at just $37. With all this particular plug in can do for your blog this is really a absurdly low price. One more thing that individuals like about this tends to be that if it does not do what it says it is going to you can get a refund.

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