Not All E-mail Marketing Is Made Equal

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You must have heard that e-mail marketing is one of the best ways to be certain that you’re receiving traffic to your website. But one thing that you are going to have to learn is that e-mail marketing comes in a variety of forms and some of them are just a waste of your time and also energy. In the following paragraphs we are going to be talking about a couple of different e-mail marketing strategies. We will also let you know which ones to stay away from and which ones will be well worth your time and energy.

E-mail marketing using safe lists is the first type of marketing we will be dealing with. For those of you who are new, safe list marketing is when you join a list and you are permitted to e-mail every person in that list. One thing you need to understand about this sort of e-mail marketing is that all of those other people that are members of the list are able to send their e-mails to you. When it comes to the quality of these folks on the list you need to understand that they only joined to be able to e-mail all the other people of the list. One thing you should recognize is that the men and women who receive your e-mails are never going to open them. So in short using these safe lists tend to be pretty much a total waste of time.

The next type of e-mail marketing is actually credit based safe lists. The basis of this list is pretty much the same as the safe list marketing above but there is one primary difference. As we mentioned this is a credit based list, so as you may have figured out you need credits to send out your e-mails, and the way you end up acquiring these credits is by visiting and staying on other members websites for a particular amount of time. What you will find if you try this kind of e-mail marketing is that you may well get a little response from the e-mails that you send out. The problem with this form of e-mail marketing is that you will discover that visiting the other members sites is something that is going to take a great deal of time. If you are in the process of building your own list you may possibly find that this is a OK strategy for trying to build your list.

Which leads us to you starting to produce your own personal e-mail list. Building your own e-mail list will be the absolute best kind of e-mail marketing you can accomplish. The reason behind this is simply because you can target only folks that are really interested in what you are promoting. Safe lists will generally be filled with individuals who are all marketing Internet marketing products and services and they genuinely don’t care about any various other niches. In the event that you happen to be advertising some sort of health product you will see that the men and women in the safe lists will not be interested in your product. When you develop your own list of targeted prospects, you will notice that they will be serious about reading your e-mails and they may also be interested in obtaining what you are promoting.

After reading through this particular article you should have came to the realization that a handful of the e-mail marketing strategies that individuals work with are just a waste of your time. You should have furthermore discovered that the only sort of e-mail marketing that will truly end up being beneficial is when you end up creating your very own list.