My Experiences On Twitter Marketing

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Several years ago, there was a great push about Twitter marketing tools. It was considered that you could use Twitter as an effective method to build a list of likely buyers for your products or services. But the question is, were any of those tools that were promoted, actually doing you any good? In today’s article, we will discuss Twitter marketing and if it is even worth it for you to get involved with it.

I was one of those who wanted to determine if getting a big following on Twitter was going to help my product promotion endeavors and so purchased the tools. I ended up paying for and programs that would get me followers and programs that would actually promote my products for me. In all, I think I bought about 8 software programs to help with my Twitter marketing venture.

The first program I bought allowed me to automatically follow people in the hopes that they would then reciprocate and follow me. If anyone was not following me, I had another program that would automatically take them off my to-follow list. This way I could be following other people who might follow me in return. Along with some other programs that are not really worth bringing up, I purchased a program that would automatically take my blog posts and automatically Tweet them as soon as they were published on my blog. And when I started using all of these programs the results seemed to be amazing since they all did just what they said they would do. However, my excitement was quickly squashed when I realized that I wasn’t pulling in any money. My strategy was to post multiple blog entries every day and each of them was then sent straight to display on Twitter. Wanting to increase the number of daily posts, I discovered a way to automatically post any number of entries to my blog and hopefully gain more Twitter followers.

Well, here are my results: In three years, I was able to build a Twitter following of almost ten thousand individuals. You’d probably be very pleased to gain that number of followers, but there’s more to come. In the same 3 year period, my Twitter account accumulated more than 15,000 blog posts that had links to my affiliate offers. Apart from that, I did no additional promotion for that blog, in fact I didn’t even ping the new blog entries to discover how good Twitter was could be. Just how ‘good’ it was quickly became obvious: after 3 years only two affiliate sales pulled in $46.74 plus a further $9.10 for Adsense. With just 2 – 4 visits every day originating from Twitter, perhaps this is not surprising.

Despite me utilizing programs to make the job easier and getting roughly 10,000 followers on Twitter, I still could not turn a realistic profit using Twitter marketing for my blog. At the end of the day I’m now out of pocket for the Twitter programs I purchased because my dollar return was so small. Finally, I cannot personally recommend using automatic software tools as a financially viable way of advertising your products on Twitter.