List Eruption – A Viral Method To Start Building Your Own Personal Opt-in List

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You probably know this, but if you want to achieve success online you really need to begin building your own list. Building your own list is generally a gradual process and many individuals give up before they acquire a good sized list. If you genuinely wish to build a large list you have to have the proper information and the best resources for the job. Which is where the List Eruption program will come in. This program is something we’ll be looking at in this article to give men and women a little more information about this program.

List Eruption is a wordpress plug in that offers a widget to your website to get individuals to sign up to your subscriber lists. But that is merely the beginning because this particular plug in will even leverage your subscribers to get even more subscribers. The way this works is that when an individual subscribes to your list they are offered bonuses for referring more people to your list. And you can also set it up so that the more individuals they refer the more bonus products they get. And of course when men and women keep referring more and more people you are able to offer something that is incredibly valuable for people who refer 100 or more people.

So in essence you can sign up 1 man or woman to your list and that can end up being 100 or more men and women from just that one person. And of course those 100 individuals who that one person referred could also get bonuses for referring people. Meaning that by just referring 1 man or woman and using the power of leveraging that individual, you could end up having a list of thousands or even tens of thousands by just signing up 1 person yourself. You of course will need to keep in mind, that is with everything going flawlessly, and every person referring 100 people. Some people that join won’t ever refer anybody, so it could take a little time to see the huge lists your looking for. But in no time you will find yourself with a large list which has been built by your subscribers.

This product also incorporates pre-designed landing pages so you merely add your autoresponder system and add some text to your landing pages and you have an instant squeeze page for your list. Your list will also receive messages telling them how many more individuals they need to acquire the next free bonus. This helps to keep your current list inspired and will help them to keep building your list for you.

The program itself features 2 distinct levels that you can purchase. If you simply have one Internet site that you would want to add this to, you can get the single license domain for just $47. However for those of you who may have multiple websites you can buy the unlimited domain license for just $97. And no matter what product you decide on you will also obtain Internet Marketing Training Courses at no cost.