Is It Still A Smart Idea To Trade Links With Other Websites

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Just about everyone in the Website marketing field know that backlink building can really make or break their online business. And a few years ago, trading links together with other websites was looked upon as being a terrific way to build backlinks. The question is, is this even now a good way to develop links for your site or has it become a thing of the past? If you want to know if it is still a very good practice, keep reading and you will discover the answer.

So basically a backlink is a web page link that points from one site to another site. These backlinks are generally viewed as votes for your site by the major search engines. So in essence the more inbound links you have pointing to your site the higher your site will rank in the search engines. When it comes to the value of each backlink you will find that some backlinks have better value than others. If you have a link on a link page of a site that has a page rank of 5 you will find that the link will be worth more if it was in fact on the home page. Almost all of the value of the link comes from the page rank that the backlink is on rather than the home page, page rank.

One thing you need to realize about people when they trade inbound links, is that the link they add to your website is usually on a deeper page of the site. For this reason the value of that backlink is not as powerful as if it was on the home page. Another thing you should remember about these link pages is that your link could be surrounded by a huge selection of other links. I am certain that the majority of you already know that Google frowns upon this and normally these backlinks don’t even get counted.

Google in addition gives more authority to one way links than they offer to sites that trade backlinks. A one way link is actually when you have a link on another Internet site but you don’t link back to that website. Google wants to see one way links and they will also reward your Internet site when they see these types of backlinks. You can even hurt your rankings if you end up trading links with Internet sites that have a bad reputation with Google. And that is not what you are trying to do, but it can happen when you trade backlinks.

Trading backlinks can be beneficial to you if the site is trusted, has a good page ranking and also features a steady flow of visitors. If your backlink ends up getting hidden on some deeper page in the site there is a great chance that the page where your link is, is not even indexed by Google. Which makes that link absolutely pointless. In short you can find only a few ways to make link exchanging work to your benefit and it can be extremely time intensive to do them, however you can find other ways to develop one way links.