How To Set Up Keywords Properly On Your Website

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Many people start building links when they want to get a better search engine ranking, when in fact these individuals should first make sure their site is optimized correctly. Placing your keywords properly all through your website will be able to help you get a far better ranking in the search engines. In this article we will be covering a few ways to place your keywords on your website to get more love from the search engines.

The first thing many of you probably know is that you should have the keyword or keyword phrase in the URL of the site. This also goes for blogs because many bloggers target a separate keyword for every post they create. If you happen to use the wordpress platform you’ll be able to change the perma-link when your creating your post, just make sure that the perma-link is your keyword phrase.

The header tags (H1, H2, H3) are one more place where you need to make sure your keyword is listed. All of those tags listed must have your keywords in them. What this will do would be to help the search engine spiders see that the first thing on your site or page is your keywords.

The first sentence rule is something that many individuals are probably already aware of. What this means is that no matter if your developing a post or a website your keywords need to be inside the first sentence of your website or post. However additionally there is the last sentence rule that many of you have most likely not heard of. It is the same as the first sentence rule yet it relates to the last sentence of subject material on your page.

And let’s not overlook the keyword density because it’s very important. To figure out the keyword density, it is quite simply the percentage of times it is found on your page when compared with how many other words you have on that page. Between 3% and 5% is just where you will need your keyword density to end up. You don’t want to fill your web page with the keywords since you may be accused of keyword stuffing.

Another thing you will want to manage is how you format each of the keywords on the page. Using bold, italic and underlining can also be very important in terms of your keywords and you should be sure to do this with the majority of of your keywords. Basically what you must do is to make sure you are making use of these text formats for almost each and every instance of your keyword on your site. Don’t just use one structure for instance, bold, you really need to use them all and mix all of them up. While some people just bold every single instance of their keyword this is simply not the most effective way to do it.

If you stick to these simple keyword rules any time your creating websites or posts you will find yourself with a higher ranking. One other thing about the building backlinks part, is that you will want to start creating links to all the web pages on your website or blog and never focus on only the home page.