Do Not Waste Your Time And Energy Posting To Free For All Sites

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It is hard to believe but these kinds of sites are still out there on the Internet. For those of you who do not know what a free for all site is, I will explain. A free for all site is a place where anybody and everyone can post a link for his or her website. Years ago when these varieties of sites first came online everyone was using them to get free links and advertising. Now, using these forms of sites in order to build links can wind up having your website banned from the search engines. This now has become a thing that is not just a waste of time but there are other reasons this ought to be avoided.

I can understand why this could be rather tempting to do. I also see why you are tempted. You can take your link and place it on one site and you could end up having your website linked to thousands of other sites instantly. Just about every free for all site are part of a circle of sites, and there can literally be thousands of sites in one network. But what most folks don’t realize is that they are pointless. So not only will you not be doing anything good for your site you could actually be doing more harm.

The reason for this is because when just about any site ends up getting thousands of links instantly, the search engines realize that their is something fishy going on. I am sure you recognize yourself that this kind of linking is just not natural. This is why Google looks at these kinds of sites as bad websites.

Now because your link is not just put up on one site but possibly thousands this leads to other issues as well. This leads to everyone in that free for all group having your email address and simply by posting there your actually giving all these individuals permission to start sending you emails. And when thousands of men and women have your email address they can actually email you whenever they want. Which means that in no time your email mailbox could be loaded with junk every day. So if you look at it, really the only benefit is going to the people that started up an ffa site to begin with.

The fact that there are real quick, as well as search engine friendly ways to build links, it makes me wonder exactly how any of these websites have survived. If you truly want to construct links and stay on the good side of search engines like Google you will need to make sure your not using these types of sites.

Just something else you need to be aware of is to also avoid link farms. Link farms can be just as bad for your web page as ffa sites. This is essentially taking a group of sites and having all the websites linking to all the other websites in the group and then to your main website. It was a well known technique about a year ago but of course Google figured it out and ended up penalizing website communities like this. Consequently, just to summarize, ffa sites as well as link farms are bad and directory submitting and also article marketing are wonderful.